The Tiered cake comes from a tradition where the Bride and groom would attempt to kiss over a pile of stacked cakes without knocking them over. If they succeeded, it would mean a long and happy marriage. Is this true? It must be! I read it on the internet. :) What I do know is [...]
When Rick Nielsen of Cheap Trick asks you to make 450 chocolate guitars for an event, you get to work! Feeling very honored, we had a great time making pieces we could be proud of. We do it time and time again with orders from our customers. Having custom treats at your celebration can pull [...]

If you are looking for a place that will seat you, serve you, and rush you out the door…. A place that will deliver glares while your child gets antsy at your table… Or stone faces that are only there to collect their paychecks….You’re going to have to try somewhere else. What you will find…