If you are looking for a place that will seat you, serve you, and rush you out the door….
A place that will deliver glares while your child gets antsy at your table…
Or stone faces that are only there to collect their paychecks….You’re going to have to try somewhere else.

What you will find at The Yum Factory, is a different experience.
Look around the shop at all we have to offer. Cinnamon rolls and coffee, maybe. Perhaps a baked treat and some chocolates. Or stop in for a quick and easy lunch. Friendly faces will help you choose. We put our heart, soul, and passion into everything we make. Pick any table you’d like to sit at and relax. The atmosphere is welcoming. If you have little ones we offer a play area so you can have a moment for you, while they are occupied close by.

So, stop on by and say hello. We aim to make you feel at HOME with The Yum Factory Family<3


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